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Our staff is lead by Bobby Williams.  He has been a Stylist since 1971.   Bobby was born and raised in Onslow County, where he and his wife of almost 42 years have raised 3 sons.  He has 4 grandchildren, who love him dearly as does he them.  Bobby has many very special customers that he is proud to call his friend.

Elaine Galloway is our Nail Tech.  She has been doing nails for 25 years, of which the last 8 have been here at Bobby's.

Sonja Mitchell is a Cosmetologist and also teacher. She has been working for about 14 years of which the last 2 have been here at Bobby's.  Sonja is married with 2 beuatiful  girls.

Jane A. Rauch Dunn has been a Cometologisy for almost 27 years, she worked for the same salon (Guys & Dolls) till it closed last Sept. and she has been with Bobby's since then.  Jane has been married to Roger for almost 20 years, they live in Bogue, NC.